Instructional videos

I hope you get value from this series of videos on various luthierie topics; they are provided here with the hope of advancing your luthierie skills.

While these videos show one way to perform various tasks, they do not suggest that this is the only way. Methods will vary depending on your training, your experience, and your available equipment and resources.

 Many of these videos were prepared over the past two decades, and in some cases the video recording and editing tools were of lesser quality than what is available today. Please accept my apologies in advance for any blurry images - the content is still valuable.

 Some videos refer to parts made by Siminoff Banjo and Mandolin Parts which was in business for 50 years, and ceased operations in 2018.

Please enjoy...



Binding part 1 - routing the binding notch in the body:


Binding part 2 - cutting body notch in body scroll:


Binding part 3 - cutting body notch in peghead: 


Binding part 4 - bending celluloid binding: 


Binding part 5 - Attaching binding to body: 


Neck joints part 1 - Cutting V-joints in neck heels:


Neck joints part 2 - Cutting V-joint in the head block:


Neck joints part 3 - Attaching V-joint neck to the body:


Neck joints part 4 - Cutting dovetail joint in neck heel:


Neck joints part 5 - Cutting dovetail joint in head block:


Rim assembly part 1 - A-style mandolins:


Rim assembly part 2 - F4 and F5 mandolin, H5 mandola:


Profile routing; fixtures, tools, and method:


Tap tuning - an introduction to tap tuning and voicing:


Wolf notes (wolf tones); what they are and how they are created: